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What are Scarlett Minis?
Minis are 5"x7" intimate portraits.

Scarlett selects custom frames for each mini based on colors, personality and mood of the painting. All frames are included in the price of your portrait. Portrait sizes are usually 5"x7" or equivalent. Prices start at $400.00, plus shipping.

Scarlett - 361F7D6B-6CE7-4B21-A58B-874CA66D9707.jpeg
Scar - 2854C560-9573-4CCC-A952-D04EBF31CB62.jpeg
Scar - 27CB71C0-6C2F-476E-8905-E1D370891D6C.jpeg
Scarlett - 6E97141C-60D7-44EF-8E62-BBB20616F1A7.jpeg
Scarlett - 5D17C215-4B26-4EEF-90A7-7CB042451BAC.jpeg
Scarlett - 31C60CED-2B73-4526-A382-4C58FFC0AE9C.jpeg
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