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Specializing in children's portraits, Scarlett Meredith is a leading portrait artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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“My goal as an artist is to take an image of a child and capture that moment, that split second of personality- a twinkle in their eyes, freckles across their nose, an impish smile - that distinguishes them as an individual. I seek to capture the spirit of the child with as few brush strokes as possible. That's the magic.”

Scarlett's artwork is in the collections of Ryan Blair, CEO and author; Zac Brown, four-time Grammy award winning country singer; Jeffery Sprecher, owner of the NYSE, among other prestigious private collections.


“I love what I do. There is never a moment when I stand in front of my easel that I am not excited about where my brush will take me. My goal is to find a way to incorporate my experience with art and my love and gift for painting children."


Scarlett’s father, Robert Meredith, is a renowned trompe l’oeil artist. He is her teacher and mentor. "I truly learned to paint watching my father paint for 43 years. He never pushed me; He has always been there with support, instruction, and paint brushes." Click here to view art by renowned artist Robert Meredith and to view information on his upcoming book- The Art Of The Oil Painter.

the process 

Example Child_1A.png

I work from good quality photos that can easily be sent to my email address. Once I receive the photos,
I review them with the client so that we can discuss the direction of the piece together. Your thoughts
and opinions, as my client, are extremely valuable to me because of your insight into your child's unique personality. I like to know more details about the child- Do they love to read? Are they mischievous or wise beyond their years? Are they sweet and kindhearted? These are the nuances I want to capture within in my painting

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